The whole world is in chaos, people dying everywhere, ever stopped to wonder why the world is in such chaos like this?

So many children with no parents, a result of war, homes bombed, parents died. Children have nowhere to turn. They are starving looking for their meals in unfavourable places. Tears would run down your eyes if you watched one documentary on how starvation had paralyzed two young boys in Gabon. The only person taking care of them was their sister who was barely 9 years of age, she would walk far distance to get water to bath them, because that’s the only thing she can do at that point in time.

After seeing all these things, you wish you could turn things around with the snap of your fingers only for you to find out that you are only dreaming.

It has become so bad to the extent that we feel powerless and think we can’t do anything, but there is something you and I can do to change the situation, you now have the opportunity to help a good cause, you can donate to orphans, displaced youths, and refugees, you can make a big impact, it doesn’t have to be big before you reach out to someone in need today.

At VCHFOUNDATION, we want to change the world of a child or teenager for the better, we want to restore peace to their mental, emotional and physical well being.Considering the huge task before us, we can’t do this alone, we need your support, we would gladly appreciate your donations of any kind whatsoever, your donations mean a lot to us and those in need.

Mission Statement

To provide assistance to Orphans, Displaced Youths & Refugees in areas specific to their needs Mentally, Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually:

  1. Mentoring, Tutoring, Consulting & Reassuring.
  2. Acquiring Property & Living quarters for the disadvantaged youths.
  3. Assistance with Administrative cost to get the work done.
  4. First 1000 people that donate $1000.00 will be placed in the head stone of the Foundation and invited to the opening ceremony.

Watch this video of a drowned Syrian boy,if this doesn’t bring you to tears I don’t know what will.

If this was your child, how would you respond.

As a result of looking for a better life, unfortunately, death was the answer.

Having seen that we have a very strong purpose at hand, the only thing we should be thinking of right now is how to make the lives of these less privilege better.

Please help us reach out to the less fortunate today, let’s join hands to restore hope to thousands of families out there, if this is the only thing you and I can accomplish, it will be a life well spent.


We Need Your Help

Help orphans worldwide receive the care they need.

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