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There are three things that will endure faith, hope, love & the greatest of these is love.1st Corinthians 13:13

There was a time when caring for patients on their dying beds, seeing them wake up and walk out of the Hospital was so rewarding, now, God has called me to fulfill the needs of the less fortunate in another way. I am now more excited than ever to begin this new venture. However I am unable to do this alone, so I look forward to your assistance in working with me as we embark on this journey together.

When you can afford to buy a hamburger and a drink and call it dinner for the night, it’s a good thing, you do not have to worry about what you are going to eat or where your next meal is coming from.

For some of these unfortunate children and young adults, in Syria, Iraq, Mexico, Haiti Africa, and the Phillipines this is not the case.

In the Phillipines, young 20 year old females sell their bodies for a meal and a roof over their heads. Unfortunately some of these women get pregnant by these males who refuse to take responsibility for what they have done so the burden is left on the mother carrying this child.

Some of these children are abandoned by their mothers and left up for adoption, other children are left to run wild on the streets.

On YouTube it is heartbreaking to see these children crying out to see their fathers, wanting to get in touch with them. They are literally begging to see their dad.

In Mexico and the Phillipines, children look for food in the garbage dump.

Reach out to these unfortunate children, give them a comfortable home with responsible parents who will love them and care for them.

They didn’t ask to come into this world, all they are asking is that you love and care for them just like you would like to be loved , knowing someone cares about you.

  1. Good social environments for these children
  2. Meals : Breakfast, lunch and Dinner
  3. A comfortable home with families who will care for them
  4. See to their Educational, mental, emotional and physical needs
  5. Follow the children until they become self sufficient to care for their own needs
  6. Assist the young adults with skills that can help them to find work
  7. Provide low income housing for them and remove the shacks they are living in
  8. Enhance the morals of these young women to where they will never think of selling their bodies again
  9. Provide psychological counseling for those in need of mental uplifting
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