Home Placement Services for Orphans & Displaced youth

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Our non-profit organization seeks to find homes for every displaced child age 5-18years old.The children will have their own rooms or share a room.Each house will have a Manager, a kitchen for preparing meals.In addition a playroom will also be provided with educational toys based on the childs age.
More info, please call for full schedule of activities.
At VCHFoundation, we care about that little boy,girl or adolescent who ran away from home, roaming the streets with no one to care for them.Afraid of been exploited by adults because they have no home or any one to turn to.
We take them in, help them to get situated,warm bed, clothing,food, find a school, give them a big brother to help mentor them, assist them with GED or high shool graduation.
Those who graduate from the programme are given incentives to assist the younger ones to graduate.
We also care for the overflow of orphans in the system who are now adolescent still looking for a foster parent.
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vchf16Home Placement Services for Orphans & Displaced youth